• No.1 Trauma Center in Gwalior Chambal Division for Handling Truma Cases
  • Better Treatment In Sahara
  • Rich In Ultra-Modern Facilities
  • Sophisticated Testing Centre
  • Best Hospital of Gwalior Chambal    Division


    Best Hospital of Gwalior Chambal Division

    A Hospital That Success to Establish Itself as a Best Hospital in the Centre of the City with Fully Developed Facilities And primed Doctors.
    Sahara Hospital Cures from Normal to Complicated Treatment As Well It Is Known As Globalized Centre to Cure Patients of Accidents, Poisoning Burnt and Snakebite.
    Sahara Is A Trusted Multispecialty Hospital To Cure Gynecology, Sterility, From Normal Surgery To Spinal Surgery, Where All Facilities Are Under One Roof So Patient Not Need To Wander For His Treatment. Sahara is well recognized as no.1 hospital of Gwalior Chambal Division for TRAUMA Centre for emergency cases treatment and cure.

    Rich In Ultra-Modern Facilities

    Examination And Treatment Of Patients In Full Facilitated Sophisticated Operation Theater, Infection Free Air Conditioned I.C.U., Clean And Tidy Wards, With Pathology Lab, Color Doppler, Ultra Sound And Digital X-Ray, CT, MRI.

    Sophisticated Testing Centre

    Best  Facilities For Color Doppler, Ultra Sound, Digital X-Ray, Mobile X-Ray, Pathology, Liver Function Test, Malaria By F.M. Method, E.C.C., E.C.G, T.M.T., CHECKUP OF HEARING LOSS, Tympanometry, AudiometricEtc.

    Best Doctors

    Best team of doctors that enrich in their own topic with sophisticated information and having long experience in their field. Services of fully trained and experienced doctors and our Kindred Behavior is very Rare Elsewhere.

    Domestic environments

    All wards and rooms in hospital are developed in way to keep hospital environment healthy and domestic. All deluxe rooms are facilitated with telephone service, color T.V., A.C. and freeze. Patient feels healthy and relaxing in general ward also due to open environment and limited beds in general wards.

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