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    Department of Ear Nose & Throat in Sahara Hospital Gwalior is supervised by Dr. A.S. Bhalla having super specialization and decades of experience. This department offers the following service :-

    • Deafness surgery - Allergy
    • Cochlear Implant - Septoplasty
    • Endoscopic nasal Surgery - Tympanoplasty
    • Micro laryngeal Surgery - Stapedectomy
    • Hearing Assessment by - Ossiculoplasty
      Pure tone Audiometry
      Impedance Audiometry
    • Performs Fully Implantable hearing aid
    • Pus discharging ear (with hearing correction)
    - Vertigo (Giddiness)
    - Video Laryngoscope (to study the problem) & treat them with micro Laryngeal Surgery.
    - Sinusitis
    - Tonsillictomy/A denoid ectomy
    - Tumors & Cysts. (Palatal Tumor)

    Cancer Surgery :- (Mouth, Throat, Nose, Ear) Cancer of Larynx (Voice Box)

    We have best capabilities of cancer surgery. We always keep in mind of the disfigurement & function after surgery. So we perform cancer surgery with minimal skin incision & give importance to reconstruction

    Sahara Hospital Gwalior is having facial all type of oral & maxillofacial Surgeries.

    • Fractures of facial bones.
    • TMJ Ankylosis (Jaw) joint Surgery.
    • Oral Cancer
    • Facial Swellings
    • Left lip/Plate
    • All the Benign/Malignant cyst tumors & oral Caringly.


    Department of Surgery offers latest technology, operation techniques, & management protocols for commonest disease like.

    Appendicitis, Gall Bladder stone, hernias, hydroceles, Choli Cystectomy, (open Laparoscopic) Leprotomy.

    Emergency surgeries include blunt & penetrating injuries, Accident, Gun Shot, Plastic Surgery for any kind of scars and burn areas.

    All types of routine & emergency surgeries are performed by our experienced & expert team of surgeons.


    Accident and emergency (A&E)

    This department (sometimes called Casualty) is where you're likely to be taken if you've called an ambulance in an emergency.
    It's also where you should come if you've had an accident, but can make your own way to hospital. These departments operate 24 hours a day, every day and are staffed and equipped to deal with all emergencies.
    Patients are assessed and seen in order of need, usually with a separate minor injuries area supported by nurses.



    Department of Medicine of Sahara Hospital involves senior & efficient physicians available round the clock for I.P.D. and emergency & in O.P.D. at the mentioned O.P.D. schedule. They are experts in treating patients like asthma, C.O.P.D., Diabeties(type-1 and type-2), Hypertension, C.R.F., Thyroids Disorders (Hyper/Hypo) chronic/acute Fever, Tuberculosis (T.B.), Meningitis, Heart Disease, Stroke, Poisoning, Snake Bite etc.



    Sahara Hospital Gwalior is at the fore front in offering the latest orthopedic treatment and orthopedic surgical advancement. Our orthopedicians are trained in the latest and best techniques and work in our facilities have latest cutting edge technology in terms of equipment operating room, recovery areas & physical therapy facilities it is highlighted with :-

    * Orthopedic Trauma

    * Pediatric Trauma & Fracture Care

    * Sports Medicine

    * Arthroscopy

    * Total Joint Replacement Surgery

    * Foot & Ankle Surgery

    * Shoulder & Elbow Surgeries

    * Cervical Thoracic and Lumber spine surgery

    * Hand Surgery

    * Limb Deformities



    Department of Audio and Speech Therapy is equipped with state of art equipment for diagnosis of hearing problem. In addition to this facilities also include Cochlear Implant Program, latest hearing aids range and wireless accessories for crystal clear hearing experience .This department also has expertise of experienced Speech Language pathologist who offers Speech Therapy treatment for various speech and language disabled children and adult.



    We believe in providing excellent dental services. With the help of dental experts, our way ahead & finest technology & equipments services includes:-

  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Restoration
    * G.I.C.
    * Amalgam
    * Composite
  • Oral ulcers & lesions
  • Complete & Partial Dentures
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Orthodontic treatment
    * Alignment of Teeth
    * Treatment for forwardly Placed
    * Retained Teeth
    * Removable Appliance
    * Habit Breaking Appliance
  • Treatment for Malocclusion
  • Minor Surgeries like, FlapReconstructive surgery, Root Planning, Curettage, Apisectomy. Apexogenesis, Alveoloplasty, Bone augmentation
  • Painless Extraction of teeth
  • Impacted tooth Extn.
  • RCT
  • All Pedodontic treatment :- Extraction of neonatal teeth, caries in deciduas teeth, nursing bottle caries.



    Our Gynecologists believe in preventive health care. Therefore early checkup is designed to detect early age of gynecological disease.
    Doctors help in providing contraceptive advice.
    In conventional gynecology our gynecologist provide specialized medical & surgical management of varied gynecological problems like menstrual abnormalities, infertility, prolapsed uterus, fibroid, other tumors of uterus and ovaries painless labour facility is available in our Hospital.



    The Department is run by well qualified team of Doctors and trained in different super specialties The procedure performed are :-

    * Micro incision phacoemulsifiction

    * Complicated/Routine cataract surgeries

    * Management of complications of cataract surgeries like endopthalimitis etc.

    * Glucoma evaluation and surgeries

    * Squint correction

    * Diabetic retinopathy evaluation & treatment

    * Retinal detachment surgeries

    * Management of ocular trauma

    * Treatment of age related occular degeneration

    * Evaluation & treatment of retinopathy of prematurely etc.

    The paramedical team in the department is very well trained in evaluation of refractive errors & providing low vision aids.

    Advantage offered in Sahara Hospital is that one gets the most competitive package (as mentored in Andhatva Nivaran Scheme)

    In patient, services are provided when patient condition calls of extended overnight observation & treatment.



    * Access the patient

    * make daily meal plan for the patient according, likes and dislikes

    * Explain meal plan, dietary instruction, counsels the patient.

    * Provide diet chart


    * Adults

    * Pregnant & lactating women

    * Obesity

    * Under weight

    * Renal disease

    * Heart disease

    * G.I disease

    * Liver disease

    * Pediatric Nutrition (Child)

    * Cancer Patient

    * Celiac disease


    * Fulfilling therapeutic nutritional requirement of patient considering unique needs & wants

    * Generation of nutritional awareness among O.P.D. patients and their attenders

    * To provide personalized diet instruction, menu planning, lifestyle & behavioral changes.

    * Plan patient diet therapy, education counseling


    Sahara Hospital Gwalior is having facial all type of oral & maxillofacial Surgeries.

    * Fractures of facial bones.

    * TMJ Ankylosis (Jaw) joint Surgery.

    * Oral Cancer

    * Facial Swellings

    * Left lip/Plate

    * All the Benign/Malignant cyst tumors & oral Caringly.

    * Cosmetic Jaw Surgery (Orthognather Surgery)

    * Dental Implant

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